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We take away the long and painful
process of figuring out everything
for your e-learning business.

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Just create your account and complete your billing info. Payments are processed securely via Stripe.


Pick ideas, styles, and functionalities in a simple discovery session. It only takes a few minutes!


We will start working on your business right away, you can check real-time updates until is done!


After submitting all of your suggestions, we will send you a video manual to start selling!

We build disrupting digital businesses.

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We know that starting an online business can be a daunting task, so we've created a step-by-step checklist to help you get started.

We have one goal in mind, deliver fast.

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Get your e-commerce business up and running quickly without having to learn coding or waste time on trial-and-error.

Enjoy a professional-looking e-commerce website without having to invest in a web designer or developer.

Take advantage of powerful e-commerce features without having to pay extra for a custom solution.

Easily update their e-commerce website as their business grows and changes.

You can get started with the basic purchases and upgrade as your business grows. No strings attached. 

Get help and support from us when you needed. We offer 24/7 customer service. Really simple!

Happy users

Chico Yerba

"We are not coders, and we were able to create a beautiful online store in under an hour with this platform. 10/10 would recommend."


"We were hesitant to start an online store because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of coding, but Oikoite made it so easy and fast that I'm glad I decided to go for it!"


"We were able to get my store up and running in less than a day with Oikoite, and it looks amazing! I would recommend it to anyone."


"We were able to launch my online store in less than a week using Oikoite, it has been a huge success! I would recommend it to anyone looking to start an online business."



We developed an easy and quick solution for educators to solve the creative education problem in LatAm.


With some tech and creativity, we created a fast tool to get design, photos or videos of businesses in just 24 hours.


Our know how gives us the 


1. What is the average cost of using your service?

Our service is completely transparent. There are no hidden costs or fees, just pick the custom functionalities you want. Our packages start at $350.

2. How long does it take to build an online store?

Normally for inexperienced business owners, it can take months or years. It only takes 2-3 days to be fully delivered. You can be up and running in no time!

3. What type of products can I sell?

You can sell any type of product or service that you like. There are no restrictions.

4. Do I need to know how to code?

No, you do not need to know how to code. Our service is designed for those who do not want to waste time learning coding languages.

5. What is the quality of the stores that are built?

Our stores are of the highest quality and are designed to be user-friendly and responsive.

6. How long does it take for my store to be live?

Your store will be live immediately after we deliver and provide you with access to your accounts. There is no waiting period.

The competition Vs Mango Tava

Competitor 1

$ 1500 / Year

  • 1 Month for basic ERP setup
  • 1 Month for basic training
  • Basic Ecommerce
  • Payment Integration
  • Hosted in the cloud
  • No custom emails
  • No web design
  • No development

Competitor 2

$ 4500 / Year

  • 1 Month for basic ERP setup
  • 14 Days for basic training
  • Basic Ecommerce
  • Payment Integration
  • Hosted in the cloud
  • No custom emails 
  • No web design
  • No development

Mango Tava

$ 1497 / Once *

  • 24 Hour complete ERP setup
  • Access to training forever
  • Full Ecommerce
  • Payment Integration
  • Hosted in the cloud
  • Custom emails included
  • Full Web Design
  • Development
  • Graphic Templates
  • Video Templates
  • Free Mango Academy Subscription

*Pay once, then just pay your yearly software licence for just up to 600 Yerly. 

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